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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

How can you build yourself to be a better athlete?

By increasing your range of motion and understanding the principles of Mobility, Stability & Strength.

Why is it so important to increase or drive your ranges of motion to the outer limits ? "paint the edges" push it to the boundaries then step back an Inch, get incredibly stable here, and then push to the edges again?

These principles were explained to me by a man more experienced with intelligently "painting the edges" than I.

And that one explanation shifted my training and coaching, forever.

Shortly after completing PSL1 @Pre-script

I started working with @albertawrestlinacademy.

20 minutes observing an in ring training session and you can see that the coaching in this industry needs a complete overhaul.

These athletes usually have "not and have never been athletes".

Yes there are exceptions. But these men and women and kids are taking their bodies to the extreme. Injuries are many and recovery is minimal.

This is a perfect storm for a lifetime of broken dreams and a broken body.

We can have this same discussion about skateboarding, motocross, and Parkour, and when these athletes miss a landing..shit gets broken !!

This list of sports lacking proper coaching goes on and on.

When we take the principles of Mobility, Stability & Strength and apply them to these sports we seriously extend the active time of these athletes not just each season but over a lifetime.

How many of us gave up doing things we love because of pain or discomfort, did these problems occur because you played one time when you were 35 years old. Likely not, more often it's an accumulation of decades of going through life with unnecessary imbalances, reduced ranges of motion and increased wear on our bodies.

But it really doesn't need to be that way.

Once these protocols are in place for all future superstars imagine how the action is going to change. While providing these athletes with longer healthier careers. Because in reality these individuals give their bodies and lives for the sports they play, and we watch.

How do the principles of Mobility, Stability and Strength help reduce injury and injury risk for you and your athletes?

When you Intentionally Increase your ranges, get control and strength in those ranges, then take a fall or are forced to move into awkward or abnormal positions your body already knows how to handle that.

The tissues are not being called on to suddenly perform from a range of instability.

If you currently have decreased ranges and you fall or get forced into those extended positions that's where we meet force greater than tissue tolerance and that equals injury every time!!!

If you're looking to get into wrestling, skateboarding or any sport don't let that worry you, big changes are making their way through the system for you all, some desperately need help like the wrestling community and others have some great things becoming more accessible daily.

No matter your sport a good coach can help assess your movement both in and out of action, with videos reviews and in person assessment.

At Hardwired Wellness we utilize assessments daily alongside our restoration program and other training we get you Mobile, Stable and of course Stronger to outlast the competition and keep you off the sidelines.

More time in action means more skill development and that delivers wins.

Restore Movement


Maximize Results


Ryan Hanson

Head Coach

Founder & Program Development @hardwiredwellness

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