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The Best Program For Building Muscle

You are about to experience the best muscle building program that is on the internet.

So hold on tight and get your pens ready you don't want to miss a single rep or set.

Now that the BS is out of the way it's time to be honest, not myself or anyone else is able to write a random program that will be the best for you with out ever having meet yo,u and even then a 30 minute consultation call isn't going to reveal much in reguards to the best muscle building program for you.

To accomplish "THE BEST MUSCLE BUILDING PROGRAM" for you, it is going to take time, and it's going to take several attempts to manipulate variables and exercises to even come close to be the "best" program for any goal or anyone person.

Here is the great news every program can be its best possible for you, this is done through consistently, a crappy program performed with ok form but done consistently is going to yield some great results for some people. And the best program written just for you by and elite coach who has watched you train for years but you perform it with no consistency is going to fail you.

So where does that leave you, the athlete, the soccer mom, the desk jockey.. Well one option we suggest is to find a coach that understands the importance of assessments, how to exercise correctly and how to coach individual clients. You are all different and not only do you have different lifestyle and body's but you all respond differently to teaching styles and teaching cues.

We encourage everyone new and old to training please feel free to ask your coach questions, and you should feel free to say "hey this exercise hurts" or "I don't like this one" or whatever reason you have.

Your coach should have many option to to make your training experience enjoyable, effective and efficient.

Ultimately when you adhere to any program and put in the maximum effort you should see results. And if not its time to look at other variables such as nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress.

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